Our Mission

The mission of A Quilt for Mother’s Tears, Inc. is to help comfort the mothers of police officers killed in the line of duty by creating a quilts to honor the brave men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice.  A quilt will be given to mothers of the fallen officers who have died in the line of duty.  These quilts will be presented during the National Police Week held in Washington D.C.  On average, over 100 officers are killed in the line of duty each year.  In 2014, 118 officers were killed in the line of duty.


On September 20, 2013 Officer Rod Bradway responded to a domestic disturbance call.   Upon his arrival at the scene, Officer Bradway heard a cry for help from a woman that had been held at gunpoint for over 2 hours.  Without hesitation, he kicked down the door to help save the woman.  Unfortunately, the gunman was waiting to ambush Officer Bradway.   Although Bradway was mortally wounded, he was able to save the lives of the woman and her 10-month old baby while also wounding the gunman.

Well before that time, he proved his dedication to public service serving on Wayne Township Fire Department and earning recognition from Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department for job performance. Officer Bradway was 41.  EOW 9-20-2013.

A Quilt for Mother’s Tears


He was her son first. When Officer Bradway was killed, his mom Sheri Bradway, knew he died a hero—working his chosen career and loving it—serving those he knew and those he didn’t.

Sheri Bradway wondered how she would get through the days ahead…caught in a whirlwind of activities honoring her son. A city took over…plans were made, speakers and music selected, visitation, service and a hero’s graveside. The funeral took place on her birthday. The procession passed both the police department, and the fire station he had served years earlier as a volunteer.

Rod’s mom and dad survived the weeks to follow, each dealing with their loss as best they knew how while traveling to Indianapolis and Washington, D.C., to attend numerous events of honor and respect for their son.

Sheri turned her attention to her love of quilting, creating a quilt in honor of Rod. Tears fell often, as the design took form, (photo of Rod’s quilt). The words were from a tattoo he proudly wore and lived by, a uniform patch, badge number, call number, end-of-watch date, all accompanied by a short note from Mom.

quilt-honoring-officer-rod-bradwayIn May of 2014, after attending the National Police Week held in Washington, D.C., an idea took form. Sheri decided that all mothers of fallen officers, killed in the line of duty, should be offered a memory quilt of her own…a tribute to her son or daughter, her hero.

Her quilter’s group has agreed, and a support system for the project “A Quilt for Mother’s Tears” is now in place. To date (12-22-2014), 110 quilts are at various stage of completion, with a project going forward from January 1, 2014, in Rod’s memory. These quilts will be given to mothers across the United States and Puerto Rico during the National Police Week held in Washington D.C. The list of fallen officers killed in the Line-Of-Duty during 2014 can be viewed at website www.odmp.org

A mother’s loss, an idea falling into place through an art form expressed in love—the foundation will move forward as long as the need and the support remain. Each quilt, including fabric, threads, batting, shipping materials, presentation costs approximately $125.


 How You Can Help

A quilt will be given to mothers of the fallen officers who have died in the line of duty during 2014. These quilts will be presented during the National Police Week held in Washington D.C. in May of 2015. You are invited to play a part in honoring fallen officers and their families. Your help is needed in the following areas:


  • Stitching and/or quilting a Mother’s Tears Pattern.
  • Sponsor a quilt. A $125 donation will fund an entire finished quilt.
  • Provide a monetary donation of any amount to help us buy fabric and postage.

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